Informed „Make-Or-Buy“ decisions to optimize the value creation for the business

Outtasking or outsourcing of non-core and/or non-value-add activities is a reasonable mean in Information Management and needs careful consideration especially in the area of infrastructures, operations and services.

For successfully performing such options, it is strongly recommended to run a predetermined process. Clear-cut objectives and transparency about the status quo and the risks involved must be given. Strategic intent and operational benefits are likewise important. CIO organizations need to answer questions like: Which services are core competence to the business, which services are decisive for positioning the ICT in the organization, what is the own performance status or which risk measures need to be taken.

Dewey & Partner support clients in designing and running through this process, from capturing the business requirements, via ‘Make-or-Buy’ appraisals and Rfx processes to the active deployment of tenders and contract negotiations. The experience of dp consultants in CIO organisations as well as in the ICT supplier industry enables additionally goal attainment.