Achieving sustainability through empowering people – motivation is intrinsic

Our credo: Motivation is intrinsic.

That means that no person can be solely motivated from outside. This is where transformation leadership skills come into place. Managers compare the views of the company with those of its people and put the right persons on the right place. New teams work together across their functions to achieve new goals.

Putting time pressure on the system can quickly overload an organizations capability. Especially during implementation work it often shows, that motivation alone is not enough to cope with all new tasks.

dp goes along with its customers during this sensitive phase using special methods assuring to deliver the promised results.

Implementing new processes usually poses a central challenge to organizations. Based upon numerable projects, dp uses a method to efficiently and sustainably implement new processes. They function within measurable parameters in a previously determined maturity. Metrics along the critical points of the process serve as indicators for quality. For many companies this means changing the way operational performance is managed. For this reason dp closely involves managers into process implementation in order to create a step by step approach for reaching the necessary commitment. Further information can be found under the service softkey 'Process Management' as well as under 'News'.