Successful relaunch of a company-wide transformation program

Revitalizing a change program in severe trouble is even harder

The customer is a big market leader within its industry and regards superior information management to be a competitive key driver for the next decade in business conduct. Thus he is about to reorganize responsibilities for various IT management tasks and to professionalize IT operations for more quality, speed and flexibility.

The resulting change programme required a company-wide mobilization of both, IT resources and business. This failed in the preceeding years due to structural limitations, missing goal transparency and inferior planning quality. Thus the program was not sufficiently convincing to overcome barriers and it had created new prejudices. The single IT teams seemed to be distanced more than ever before, but were expected to deliver common, qualified IT services.

Making change happen is usually already a tough managerial task. But revitalizing a change program in severe trouble is even a harder task.

So it happened at this customer. First, the entrepreneurial acting at will was so strong at top management that associated and not unlikely risks were accepted.

dewey & partner were selected to support and neutrally enable the customer core team with our established transformation methods as well as our professional expertise in information management. Thereby we adjusted our proceedings for this special case of relaunching a change programme after many interviews at the customer during a short capturing phase.

The decisive factor for the successful relaunche was an engaged customer core team, which developed from formerly seperated IT groups to one effective team during reviewing and developing program concepts.