Value add by integrated contract management

Operative distress, face loss and avoidable costs:  Who has not already experienced these downsides with ICT service contracts? Who can claim that his organization has resolved all related causes and weaknesses? Are ‘Make-or-Buy’ decisions made in strategic context or under sole operational pressure? Is operational readiness given in operations and service management? Are the preconditions realized for effective claim management?

For risk avoidance with external procurement of ICT services, the integrative element of a CIO organization needs to be the contract management process.

Strategic contract management can resolve the problems identified with externalized services. The Dewey & Partner (dp, formerly dp) approach is an integrated process based on well-established methodologies and experienced consultants. The dp understanding of ‚Contract Management‘ starts with the “Make-or-Buy” decision, covers effective contract designs and ends with the efficient conduct of contracts together with powerful claim management.

The development and implementation of this systematic capability within the CIO business system can often be funded solely from the optimization of the current contract backlog and activities.