Strategic Restructuring of 3 group companies in 3 successive years within a DAX 30 Multinational

This company was pursuing a M&A growth strategy within an industry segment which was historically dominated by small- to mid-sized family-type businesses. In order to gain the competitive edge of buy-and-build strategy in this market, the company had not yet integrated the underlying business systems across borders. In this uncompetitive situation, the company was facing deteriorating market conditions. Profits started to deteriorate.

dp was repetitively assigned by the client in three successive years in three different countries to strategically restructure these entities.

Site visits, interviews and data capturing was performed along the established dp methods within 4-6 weeks. In the 3 assignments more than 40 sites were covered. The right sense of urgency paired with the rich experiences of our consultants enabled the expected transparency for concept development and decision-making, accepted by staff and without too much disturbance to the operations.

All recommendations had been approved and the implementationn was mobilized within one week after the result presentations to the board. In two out of 3 cases, dp was also assigned to support the implementation during the first months in planning, mobilization, coaching of internal mangers and progress maintenance and control.