Strategic Management Concept 'ONE IT' for European Multinational

Development of centralized, strategic IT management concept in response to 'Big Data' within food & retail industry

The European company has acccess to a unique, capillar, customer-centric system of outlets. It has identified the opportunity to make enhanced use of the market intelligence available from the multiple points of sales for better provision to customers for example by means of category management.

The resulting challenges to manage 'Big Data' seemed only to be feasible by a significant transformation of fragmented, national resources to one, centralized IT management concept.

The client selected dewey & partner for support of his management team. Decisive have been the track record in comparable, international projects, the slim project proposal, the convincing detail knowledge tested by key questions and the presented methodologies of dewey & partner.

Thereby the status quo within the client organization was highly fragmented for an assessment. For development of an optimized concept, creative ideas have been necessary to close information gaps or to put fragmented pieces into a coherent picture.

For example, cost information for IT services were missing. Thus we found a way to use data from Functional Analysis – a dp methode to capture FTEs per activity within distributed IT organisations – and purchased products and services from procurement to set up a first service cost cube. This and other improvisations provided the required transparency for frequent decisions in designing the new concept. Also the baseline was provided for benchmarking and identification of saving potentials.

Thus the result was finally not only the concept consisting of strategy, governance and organization but also transparency, cost cube and transfer management of personnel.