Professionalized Information Management

During growth and investment phases, there is not much time for IT management to professionalize internally. During recession phases however, IT management has to deal with internal improvement in order to open new potentials to increase efficiency.

This is where business needs are met. IT shall provide stable, high quality services at low cost (basic expectations) as well as contribute to innovation and development of the company’s’ business model (delighters).

Experienced CIOs know that fulfilling basic expectations is the necessary precondition to succeed in delighting as a strategic CIO.

The Dewey & Partner Health Check helps CIO organizations in creating transparency over the status quo in basic expectations, identifying gaps and designing a program for professionalizing the company’s information management.

The Dewey & Partner Health Check is a pragmatic method to get a general idea of the status in 4-6 weeks. It may be used as a one-time event upfront reorganization or a CIO replacement as well as a continuous practice in order to assess the maturity of the CIO organization.