dp empowers the clients' experts and managers to mobilize, structure and implement sustainable results

Respecting the customers’ situation and environment, dewey & partner tailor a transformation program to mobilize, to structure, to transparently execute and to finally implement sustainable results. The layout significantly depends on the shared view upon the critical transformation criteria, the essential stakeholder groups as well as the existing corporate culture. Transformations are change programs unique in demand and scope. They always put employees and managers into an exceptionally different situation. Fears and rumors have to be addressed alongside functional challenges of the program, all possibly without disturbing daily business.

For dp, consulting means more than just giving advice. Situations like these require a high degree of empathy and mutual understanding. Our consultants bring in many years of professional experience to the organizational change and specifically pass them on to the customers’ experts and managers.

With adequate sense of proportion, dp professionals integrate well proven methods and processes into the transformation program.

Adequate proportion means that progress, transparency and achievement are balanced to reach acceptance of project leads and team members. In order to find the right way, dp consultants challenge the team – but always deliberately. The final weighing up is made by the transformation team.