Companies do appreciate their Information Management Units in accordance with their business value add

Predominantly, companies do often perceive the performance of their IM units as not adequate for their business: The ICT is often too late, not sufficiently responsive and too expensive. On the other hand, IM units regard this criticism not to be justified. Consequently, required corrective actions are not sufficiently implemented.

Customer appreciation of IM services and loyalty to the CIO organization is predominately based on two attributes: Value-add to the business system in collaboration, speed and flexibility and by personal service perceptions of VIPs and key users.

This exposes the IM units to own transformation challenges. Mostly, these changes have to be refinanced by savings. Complexity reductions without any compromise are required.

The integrated consultancy approach of Dewey & Partner (dp, formerly dprp) is well suited to support CIOs in these challenges: dp combines strategic and methodological competencies with the experience of ICT management professionals … for the purpose of dp management traction.