CIO Vision: Distinct objectives and scenarios help making information management fit for the future

Most CIO organizations are stuck in the dilemma between fulfilling operational needs of low noise & low cost and at the same time being expected to deliver innovative impulse for the business.

Unfortunately a satisfying solution is rarely achieved. A clear, distinct and inspiring vision can help solve this apparent dilemma and make way for new energy within the development. A typical evolution of a CIO organization goes along three maturity-steps. The first is the IT department, driven by technology and projects. The second step is the qualified service provider, delivering operational excellence after service- and customer centered transformation. The third is business engineer, taking care of business innovation based on stable service performance.

A clear CIO vision in the context of these development scenarios brings together requirements and reality. The result is the next step in IM professionalism that challenges everyone without overloading.

Dewey & Partner helps their customers in realistically assessing and classifying the status quo as well as developing the CIO vision in executive workshops.