IM Cockpit: Convincing arguments for the business management and reliable internal navigation

The statement: ‘you can only manage what you measure’ is definitely not applicable to any field of management. What is true though, is that measurable data may be discussed and managed inside the IT management team or with the business and suppliers.

This is especially the case with CIO organizations. In practice we often see deviations from the strategic plans due to a lack of transparency in progress or missing monitoring of changes in the project context.

The main reason for project delays, late realization of change requests or weak release performance is often found in scarcely integrated resource- and capacity plans. Also missing skills are being uncovered as recently as during project planning or even conducting.

In past projects Dewey & Partner have applied the balanced scorecard methodology in combination with the controlling philosophy to the needs of transparency and operation within the IT organization. Of special importance was specifically tailored communication, targeted at the IT stakeholder groups. The following goals were strived (exemplary):

The IT as business-enabler:

· Creating the relation between IT targets and company targets

· Showing long-term, CIO-relevant targets

· Enabling portfolio analyses

Improved Controlability

· Fast, concludent and visualized cockpit graphics, turning numbers

 into pictures

· Focus on the essential value levers of the IT

· Analysis along the time axis, benchmarks and trends

Improved decision quality

· Timely detection of need for action with leading indicators

· Balance between ‘leading and lagging indicators’

· ‘single point of truth’ for the total IT

Improved efficiency

· Logically connected ratios enable drilldown for root cause analysis

 and improvement

· Cause-and-effect chains, what – if scenarios become possible