Convincing, sustainable and action-oriented soltutions for technology-centric industries

Methodological focus of dp is Strategy, M&A, Organizational Development, Restructurings/Turnarounds, Stratgeic IT Management as well as Transformation Management; for more details, please refer to Services.

Our industry expertise lies predominantly in Engineered Products & Services: Information and communication technology, contracting and machinery, electronics, automation, defence & aerospace as well as automotive; please refer for an extract of project examples to 'Project Examples and References'.

Technology-centric transformations of whole industries and corporations more actual than ever before: The 'Internet of Things' does already impact and will increasingly turn around industries during the next 15-20 years. Just to name a few: The energy internet will be core of the smart grid, which is fundamental to the climate protection measures, traffic problems and new mobility requirements will be resolved by Car2Car and Car2Infrastructure communications, eHealth solutions will support ambient assisted living requirements and feasible solutions to chronic diseases, eGovernment will revolutionize public administration and so does industry 4.0 in the manufacturing world and also public safety will require new information-based capabilities.

These innovations will not only pose the questions after the right products and services (WHAT Strategy) but also raises increasingly the competitive question after the most effective business system (How Strategy). These innovations will impact whole value chains, on customer and on supplier side. This incurs fundamental transformation needs.

In its strategic transformation consulting approach, dp interlinks the capability in designing and enforcement of convincing, rational and quantitatively reasoned concepts with the required empathy for the different relevant stakeholder groups. This is consulting with heart and brain. By these means we are able to support our clients in implementation and goal attainment. There is no alternative way for 'Value Through Transformation'.