Strategic M&A Consulting in Technology Markets

Case 1: Material Testing Laboratories; only with a Commercial Due Diligence the basis for qualified long-term decisions can be gained

dewey & partner served recently a global technology firm in a 'Commercial Due Diligence'. dp validated the business basis and perspectives of the target organization.

Starting with the information check list for the target's data room , via secondary research within the market up to management meetings and site visits, dewey & partner have analyzed the target organization and its business, validated revenue and EBIT plans, pinpointed to risks and identified potentials for improvements for later integration.

Within the Due Diligence Team, auditors had been able to start their valuation exercises from these validated key performance indicators, normalization of profitability and asset values could be conducted and risk and opportunity profiles got more transparent. Additonally, an 'After Action Review' within the team provided valueable insights to the customer for enhancing its own M&A praxis.

Case 2: Pre Due Diligence Service within Mobile Communications; comprehensive consultancy support of an acquisition

dp has assessed a specialist for Managed Services within Mobile Communications for a strategic investor. The combination of technological, economical and strategic expertise of dp was decisive to gain the required transparency for valuation, decision making and deal structuring. Additionally, the results helped both, buy and sell side, to broaden the perspective for potential collaboration and hence provided an extended basis for a likely closure.

Case 3: M&A for Engineering Services within Building Equipment; strategic due diligence for validation of an M&A option

Analysis of the strategic environment of the candidate was conducted by dp for a Technology Holding as customer. Desk research provided valueable external Information. Together with internal information of the candidate this was analysed and strategically evaluated. Expert interviews within the dp network answered open questions and provided additional strategic information. Results were elaborated within a chance/risk profile of this acquisition opportunity. In doing so, the rich studies by dp of the last 2 years in the area of smart energy and buidling automation had been extremely helpful in providing additional insights and value to the customer.