Speed for amortization and risk mitigation suggests a vital role of the ICT organization within M&A Projects: From Pre-Transaction to Integration

The challenges of M&A projects are extraordinary, so is the likelihood for misalignment between business process owners and the ICT organization within these business situations. As result, often stereotypes are prevailing, ICT risks are not transparent and urgently required ICT internal value integration levers to the deal are not at hand for competitive price building and integration planning.

Thereby, not just since increasing importance of ICT to the valuation of a candidate's business system, professional ICT management, integrated into the business M&A process, is vital for success. ICT management can serve its business partners in three ways:

  • Ensure the required service continuity to the businesses, presume and mitigate the risks involved
  • Create ICT internal synergy to provide additional oxygen to the merger
  • Provide both deliveries above in time to mission critical milestones: Letter of Intend, Negotiation, Closure, Post Merger Integration

This constitutes an extraordinary opportunity for ICT to proof its business partnership claim by delivering operational excellence, provided that ICT is integral part of the M&A team right from mobilization.

dp supports its customers in business and ICT to systematically share this value approach to M&A projects, to implement it within the organization and, in case of demand, to conduct or complement M&A projects .... for the purpose of dp traction between concept and implementation to the benefit of our customers.