The Dewey & Partner „ICT Efficiency Program“ addresses pragmatically the key levers for efficiency improvements within four areas

The scoping of ICT efficiency improvement programs depends heavily on the objectives for freed-up cash flows. Both, with allocation of savings to improvement of bottom-line profits or with funding of business transformations, the identification of short and long term levers is important for quick self-funding of the project and for sustainable exploiting the full potential.

Depending on the objected time line, dp structures a result-oriented restructuring program, that analyses reasonable levers within the four potential groups, recommends attractive courses of actions, derives quick wins and supports the client teams during implementation of the identified measures.

The investigation of SLAs/OLAs and their related costs, the reconciliation of performance levels with business requirements, the creation of cost/benefit transparency and the activity-based allocation of charges are the key levers for recurrent savings within ICT organizations.

Leaner operations and service processes as well as a best practice contract mangement, which allows to respond adequately to service level and price changes, are pragmatic measures for short-term results.

The combined experience of dp consultants in company restructurings and in ICT organizations helps to identify straight forward the key levers for improving the relative cost position of your ICT.