Strategic Competence in Company Transformations

The management consultancy Dewey & Partner (dp) is focused on the integrated transformation of organizations and their business systems from concept to enablement in implementation.

In strategy work dp puts emphasis on convincing concepts and their implementation-oriented content and structure. We don't want to produce 'Shelfware' with our clients. This combination of strategy work and results ready-for-implementation makes our clients coming back.

„Enablement“ is a first promise: On request of clients, dp methodologies and procedures are applied within projects so as to enable client personnel to overtake active roles after some training on the job and to continue the application of some services after the project. We also do overtake interim management tasks in some instances, but we try to become obsolete in line with project sponsor's expectations.

„Focus and Dedication“ is a second promise: dp communicates openly and directly if a project inquiry is within its competence focus. 

Exemplary entrepreneurial situations for dp strategy services are: 

  • Design of superior business systems in response to product/market strategies
  • Product/market strategies selectively dependent on industry, current focus within high tech industries 
  • Innovation Strategies:For combined technologies, new technologies, new applications along life cycles and adapted options for strategic action
  • Restructuring and Strategic Cost Optimization for new strategic directions to achieve sustainable growth and financial feasibility
  • Transfer of strategies/concepts into self-financed, manageable transformation programs
  • Transformation Management of restructurings, de-/mergers, ex-/internalization of functions or business fields
  • Design and implementation of horizontal and vertical value-adding partnerships (VAPs)
  • Formulation of business-value oriented IT strategies, system architectures and services
  • Long-term decision-making in volatile environments
  • Set-up of new strategic capabilities, self-financed by optimization of backlogs or utilization of assets, e.g. project profit optimization, contract & claim management, trading of intellectual property rights 

To discuss your specific situation, you are welcome to contact us.