Innovation Management in Practice

European system solution perspectives by connected technologies demonstrated in the area of mobile communications

Europe has lost its global leadership in mobile communication devices. Market leaders shift their resources to Asia and to the West Coast. New competitors emerged or market shares shifted.

But around these market leaders for mobile devices a network of technology, services and component companies emerged within Europe, which look now for new business to their valueable assets and skills. A good opportunity may exist in building a new competitive platform with other adjacent strong industries within Europe.

Dewey & Partner have developed a new growth strategy for the European sites of one of those technology firms. Within 6 weeks this customer ran with dp through a structured innovaton process and comprehensive field interviews and research were conducted to detrieve 5 alternative courses for growth. Connected technologies of mobile communication technologies with sensors, automation, automotive systems or smart energy solutions were identified to deliver attractive reponses to main trends within our society. Out of theses innovation alternatives 2 were selected along pre-defined criteria for implementation.