In the context of company transformations, process management means ‘Finalizing the Job’

Transformations do remain too often within inefficient processes. Frustrated employees as well as dissatisfied shareholders and executives are the consequences. Taking strong-willed and pragmatic action already within the transformation phase is recommendable. For feasibility, lean and effective proceedings are a must.

The Dewey & Partner (dp) methodology and proceedings enable customers to model core processes down to a pragmatic activity level, inclusive related metrics. The process design is strategically derived from the key success factors and from the structures of the new business model. References can be provided by internal and external benchmarks. Simultaneously, the basis for managing the new processes and continuous improvement is provided by integrating metrics together with other performance indicators into a Balanced Scorecard. Mentoring enables the implementation of the processes by the responsible internal management. Thus efficiency and ownership is implemented into the new processes and the basis for ‘Total Quality Management’ is laid.