The controlled and straight-forward transfer of the work packages into the new leadership structure is decisive for efficiency of change

Timely limited transition organizations (usually project organizations) are reasonable means for mobilization and start of corporate transformations.

Nevertheless, the controlled and straight-forward transfer of work packages into the new target organization is strongly recommendable in favor of the efficiency of a transformation process as well as of the sustainability of its results. The risk of ‚stucking in the middle‘ during the transformation is significantly decreased. Whereas, for goal attainment of the transformation, the program management needs to be centrally managed by the transitional transformation office.

dewey & partner develop together with the responsible executive management of the customer a new organizational model, derived from the objected target business system. Without any breach to the strategic concept or governance. Structural barriers are identified and, after understanding the requirements of all major stakeholders, a pragmatic and convincing solution is commonly developed.