Plan and give room – realism instead of sole claim

Transformations are complex ventures eating up great amounts of resources. Mastering the disciplines of program- and project management, building up a transformation office or risk management is an essential prerequisite. But it represents only half the battle.

Corporate reality usually looks different. One has to handle projects and daily business simultaneously, mitigate escalations, build up new skills, assess new risks, analyze changes in markets and competition and many more.

dp’s view on effective, reasonable and holistic planning is to also leave room for tasks, that need to be done alongside the transformation program.

To do so, dp creates a program, that allows to follow up on transformation progress by approved methods regarding deliverables, resources, quality, time and cultural change. Every project is clearly defined and has to deliver its own value proposition.

dp leads the planning process in accordance to the current situation with the help of self organizing teams.

We build up the transformation office – the central information pivot – together with the customer and manage it during the complete program.