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Multi Year Business Plan Validation for fundamental strategic change with high double digit investment volume

This automotive supplier was about to increase its annual revenue by factor 4 due to successful design-in nominations by OEMs.

As basis for this growth, new production sites needed to be set up globally next to client sites and in low cost countries. Current production processes and technologies had to be changed as well. All of this resulted into a major investment ticket.

The multi year plan of the company was based on various assumptions as well as a new, less mature planning process with unclear degree of bottom-up elements versus top-down approaches.

From topline via material and personnel planning to gross margins per site and from capacity and industrial engineering to investment plans, the interdisciplinary team – the client with dp consultants – was able within the tight time frame of 3 weeks to meet customer expectations by a combined Paretho and full analysis procedure, depending on each planning item/level.

The client gained a new, less risky scenario in going forward and was able to take decisions in time.