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Moderation and Coaching of CIO Community of big Multinational

The globally active company has a widely dislocated IT organization with several managerial consolidation levels and about 2500 IT employees. On top, a CIO Council (Corporate CIO, Business Area CIOs) directs IT resources strategically. Once per year, this Council meets within a stategy off-site to determine the way forward.

This year, the frame conditions had been extraordinarilly challenging since a new IT governance model as well as a new, business integrated IT strategy process has been introduced. With consequently changed roles, likely uncertain attitudes between the participants as well as with new demand and plans brought in from the various business areas, a neutral facilitation was regarded to be appropriate for securing team effectiveness and goal attainment.

Thus the customer decided for neutral enablement of the team by an external moderator and coach, who ideallywise shoud have a proven track record and expertise in IT strategy, Governance and Organization. We are grateful that dewey & partner were selected to support the CIO team. dewey&partner applied methodology and their deep insights into IT management, where appropriate. In trustful and intensive collaboration the targets of this offsite have been achieved.