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Global Strategy Development for Not-For-Profit Organization in Enabling Global Commerce by Neutral Product Identifiers

The client markets in a licence model one of the only truly neutral and worldwide accepted identification code systems for products and related value services as a Not-For-Profit organization. Due to increasing online trade, the client business model and system is fundamentally challenged. Thus for instance, the codes have to be extended to accomodate for additional product information to protect against fraud, to trace global value chains and to support proper taxation.

The Executive Management of the client was convinced that the organization had to go through a fundamental renewal for an effective and sustainabel response to those challenges. As basis for this strategic transformation programme, they decided to develop a global strategy first. In a as far as possible federative approach, the vision/mission for group members in more than 120 countries had to be renewed, the offering portfolio restructured and a more effective governance model developed for faster decision making.

dewey & partner was able to mobilize the organization within a 3 months lastimg process from single workgroups up to committee levels with more than 30 executive managers to develope this new global strategy and be ready for implementing the urgently required change. On this basis, the client is now running its transformation programme.