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After Buy-and-Build, transformation towards a new global automation group

Within the last 5 years, an international investor had bought 7 single automation companies worldwide and decided to form now a global group out of these affiliates.

For group building the management team identified 10 change projects with more than 170 milestones in a first transformation wave. Strategic, legal and leadership structure had to be aligned, a common vision and set of values created and adopted, synergy exploited, business localized, cross-selling enabled and transparency created.

In parallel, the strategies for each OpCo in Europe, North America and China as well as for the Group were developed. Urgent answers needed to be found to open questions such as e-mobility and industry 4.0 approaches. From these strategies further 13 Projects were initiated in a 2nd transformation wave integrated into the programme.

Due to the challenging complexity of management tasks and required changes,  the client management team had chosen the dp transformation management approach for mobilization, execution and sustainment. 

dp supported the client over 8 months with bundling and prioritization of levers, project definitions, developing solution approaches, programme development, nominations of core teams, mobilization of the organization as well as within strategy developments for all global OpCos. 

dp was able to hand over the whole transformation programme to client management after only 8 months. The programme has to deliver the required changes and new directions within further 24 months.