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Transformation Review after half way of a 3-years transformation programme within machinery & contracting

dp already supported the client within concept development and mobilization of this transformation. At half time, the CEO of the client organization decided to engage dp for second opinion on transformation progress: 

  • What is the temperature curve within the teams? Are they still motivated by the change process? Do they further identify with content and objectives of the transformation across the global organization while carrying parts of the extrordinary change burden? 
  • Which level of goal attainment has been achieved within the change projects to date? What is the forecast/expectation to the end? 
  • Is current business development coherent to the strategy and are operative performance KPIs according to the transformation plan achieved? What about the milestone performance/deliverables?
  • What are the lessons learned to date from the transformation conduct? What needs to be changed for the 2nd half of execution? 
  • Which complementary, new initiatives needs to be set up? 

dp conducted intensive talks with OpCo leaders, project leaders and staff along a well established review guideline from rich dp transformation practice. And 'Review' in transformation context should never be perceived as top-down performance appraisal, but needs to be conducted in a well accepted and colleagual form.

The review results were available after only 3 weeks and in time for kick off meetings and management objective seeting for the new fiscal year.