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Strategy Consulting and Business Development for Industry 4.0 Start-Up

After a successful show-up on the Hannover industry trade fare in 2017, the young start-up firm asked dp for strategy review, segment-oriented elaboration of USPs as well as for lead-customer oriented business development tasks.

The innovative, network-based industrial platform solution and the agile and fast organisational behaviour of this start-up based on Design Thinking methods had such a perfect match to well-known open management problems from our restructuring projects, that we were convinced about a successful common approach to these open industry issues: The start-up had the smart, internet-based open base solution, we the application fields and associated business cases and our common clients the demand.

By these means, free, under-utilized manufacturing capacities @ OEMs could be matched with market demand at lowest transaction costs. This was not possible before by conventional peer-to-peer approaches.

The value add of this new industry 4-0 Approach was quickly recognized by dp clients, the collaboration models were developed and new ideas for platform enhancements created. A classical win-win situation for all parties .... also for our consultancy: We had been able to provide a solution outline for an unsolved problem months and sometimes years after our resturcturing assignment at our clients. That's brand building.