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Corporate Strategy Development: Test & Measurement Specialist with Value adding Engineering Services for Electic Mobility and Autonomous Driving

The client has successfully grown over the past decade as product and engineering specialist on the basis of ruggedized, precise test & measurement instrumentation and unique engineering competencies in the area of electric mobility and autonomous driving. 

But the success formula is encountering its limitations since 2-3 years. These limitations do not come only from external factors, but dominantely also from own business model as well as the over years developed business system. The organization missed clarity over the next reasonable evolutionary step. A first attempt in 2019 to resolve the resulting challenges and to answer the core business questions in a merely bottom-up approach from the existing busiuness units, resulted only in fractional solutions and answers and missed corporate-wide coherence.

Thus, the executive management of the company together with the supervisory board decided for an enhanced strategy propcess on corporate level with successive review and actualization of segment strategies within 2020.

In addition to extensive data capture, interviews and secondary research to establish a shared perception of the outgoing strategic situation together with the resulting core challenges and questions, the forward strategy could be developed highly interactively despite of Covid limitations – either online or on premise. 

The client management team very much apprciated the speed of dp consutants in capturing and understanding the business specific essentials in market and technology. Together with methodology and strategic insights of dp, the interactive teams have been quickly within valuie adding discussions and developments.

The work results are wqidely accepted within the major stakeholder groups, in- and outside of the organization. Hence an instant mobilization for implementation could be started after formal approval. Here the implementation-oriented structuring of work results by dp helped to transfer required courses for action directly into work packages of the strategic change programm and to assign roles & responsibilities.