'Value Through Transformation' since more than 10 years

dewey & partner was established 2004 in Munich, Germany. Its founding partners identified the clients' need for differentiated, innovative and scalable top consulting services in technology centric challenges to branches und companies independet from its size: large multinationals as well as mid-sized, family-owned businesses. Thereby, requirements for strategic change can be within products or services, within market access as well as within the own business system of a client. Since its foundation in 2004, dewey & partner have continously developed its consulting service offerings around technology centric transformations by both, brain and heart. Both is likewise important for successful strategic change.

Since more than 10 years customized consulting approaches for Multinationals as well as for Small to Mid Caps: dewey&partner have supported large multinationals and global enterprises as well as mid-sized, family-owned businesses within strategy and transformation challenges. Methodologies and consulting approaches were developed on basis of more than 20 years of combined industry and consultancy experience with each of its founding partners. This heritage is continuously further developed by its employees. Each proposal is customized creatively to the specific situation of a client. We are acquainted with and responsive to the differences in consulting approach, language and behaviour in face of the different customer groups and their needs.

The basis of dp consultancy is a shared conviction and philosophy as well as an integrated set of management consulting services for company transformations with a proven project record (see also 'Project Examples & References'). With the globalization of markets dp's conviction is that companies from a wide variety of industries do need an enhanced core competence: transformation capability. But most companies regard themselves to be beginners in transformation capability, even more, often the target picture is still missing.

In our perception, the root cause for inferior goal attainment with transformations is – aside of the right core team – the insufficient traction between strategy, transformation management and the business-enabling ICT management. As within a planetary gear (see also the dp logo), all elements of a transformation approach must be mutually supportive so as to unfold sufficient traction right from mobilization.

Furthermore a winning and robust business case is often missing. A convincing transformation concept should fund its expenses from self-generated cash flows by a reasonable portion.

In doing so, dp configures complementary methodolgies and experiences into a convincing and coherent consultancy approach. This integrated consultancy is also designed to enable our clients by themselves for the traction of strategy, transformation and ICT management. We do had already the frequent opportunity to prove the effectiveness of our consultancy under extreme conditions on an international basis successfully (see also 'Project Examples & References').